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About Us

La Crème Bakes, LLC is a locally Black owned, woman owned business operating and committed to innovative and decadent desserts. We proudly boaster a strong community attachment and a memorable customer experience. Our team is passionate about upholding the highest standard of quality and relationship. Let us introduce ourselves to you slice by slice!

Rita's Original - Cheesecake Brownies
Rita G. - Proud Owner

Owner Rita humbly started baking for family events and dinners. Her treats were such a hit that she started to receive consistent urging from family and friends to turn her hobby and potluck contribution into a business. Rita was initially hesitant, asking “Who would buy my desserts?” Eventually, though, she realized that she had a unique and delicious trick up her sleeve. As it turns out, sweet-toothed foodies were happy to pay for her baked delights.  La Crème Bakes’ first feature was the Cheesecake Brownies. They are the irresistible essence of the bakery and the big bang that created La Crème Bakes formally known as Desserts Galore by Rita.


“Thank you God. This is you, not me!” - Rita

Testimonials ~

LEMON LOVER'S CHEESECAKE ~ "If the television show, This Is Us, was a dessert, this would be it" ~ Jim V.
SNICKERLY CAKE ~ "I highly recommend the Snickerly Cake! This was hands down the BEST chocolate cake I've ever eaten and I'm a sweets connoisseur! The moisture combined with the different flavors of chocolate infused within the cake is something special! It was spongy and airy, yet still together. I really don't know how she did it, but it was PERFECT!"" ~ Leith H.
CHOCOLATE ROYALE CAKE ~ “Just had a Chocolate Royale Cupcakes crafted by Rita and they were awesome!" ~ Adriana V.
TIPSY HENNI POUND CAKE ~ "Oh my goodness, this Tipsy Henni Pound Cake is the! ~ Shanequa R.

LEMON-RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE ~ "Just had the Lemon-Raspberry Cheesecake…. 😍😍😍😍😍😍" ~ Willie C.

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